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Narrow-mouth frogs of Pakistan: Family Microhylidae





Microhylids are small frogs body length rarely exceeding 4 cm. They have narrow-mouth, due to which they can take small insects as food, this is why they are also called “ant-frogs.”  The Microhylidae has the largest number of genera, more than  60. Mostly they are tropical frogs, from southeast Asia, Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia , South America, Africa, and Madagascar. They also are found in the temperate regions of North America,  Africa, and Asia.


In size they range from tiny forms (10 mm) to moderately large animals (100 mm). Mostly  body is  is tear-drop-shaped, with  narrow, pointed snout, more or less  rounded body. Some are more tree-frog like, with expanded digital tips. Mostly they are burrowers, emerging only after heavy rains. Mostly dull-colored, however few are bright colored. As a group they tend to be ant and termite-specialists.


Family Microhylidae is represented in Pakistan by two genera, Microhyla and Uperodon, each with a single species:



Special Note: The information on this page was written by Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khan and taken from the AmphibiaWeb database, University of California at Berkeley.  I am extremely grateful to both the author Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khan and AmphibiaWeb for allowing me to use the information, under special permission. As such, all information on this page is the copyright property of Dr.  Muhammad Sharif Khan and AmphibiaWeb and should not be used without the written permission of the copyright holders.




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