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Top Birding Hot Spots in Pakistan

North Western Frontier Province (N.W.F.P)

Updated: 05/20/2006

Information by Birdwatcher's Club of Pakistan (BCP)

The North Western Frontier Province lies in the North West of Pakistan sharing

international borders with Afghanistan. It is characterized by an avi-fauna of mostly

Paleartic distribution. Yet, it is home to some of Pakistan's oriental near endemics.
The N.W.F Province is a large province. It has a varied landscape and is home to two

National Parks, Ayubia National Park in the Murree Hill Range and Chitral Gol National Park in district Chitral on the border with Afghanistan. Towards the North of N.W.F Province, lie the Himalayas, and towards its West lie the mighty Hindu Kush Range. In the South lie the Waziristan Hill Ranges as well as some portion of the Mighty Suleiman Range.


The N.W.F Province is home to many of Pakistan's specialty species. The Ayubia

National Park houses more than a dozen species that are near endemics to Pakistan. This list is exclusive of some other special birds like Koklass Pheasants, Kalij Pheasants, Common Wood Pigeons, Wedge tailed Green Pigeons and Northern Goshawks. A little further to the North lies the magnificent Palas Valley, home to more than 8 west Himalayan endemics.


The Palas Valley is world famous for its Western Tragopans and Himalayan Monals. More importantly, Palas Valley houses the largest concentration worldwide of Western Tragopans together, as it is home to over 350 pairs of this very rare bird.

Infact, the only known pictures of the Western Tragopan in the wild come from Palas Valley!


More specialities that can be seen in N.W.F Province include Black headed Jay and

White cheeked Tit. Some other rarer specialities that occur here include Painted Sandgrouse, Rufous vented Prinia and White tailed Stone Chat. In Dera Ismail khan birds like the Common Raven, Rook and rarer waders like Whimbrels can be seen on migration. Moreover, the Kabul river supports a number of waterfowl species, as also the Bannu valley receives a large number of Demoiselle Cranes during peak migration season. The hills of Waziristan are home to Seesee partridges, Chukars as well the near Endemic mecranensis ssp. of Grey Francolin.


Last but not the least is the fact that the Central valleys of N.W.F Province have

in the past received many rare birds like Great Bustard and Little Bustard. Infact, in the past Little Bustards used to be residents in the Province. It is hoped that they keep surviving in this part of the world, and beautify our country.


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Updated 05/20/2006