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Bird Specialties of Pakistan

By BCP member Muhammad Saad N Qaisrani

Painted Sandgrouse:
The Painted Sandgrouse is a medium sized plump bird of rocky and hilly undulating terrain. Both the sexes of this specie can be easily distinguished.

Typically found in areas with scattered thorn bushes , 'Acacia modesta' and keeping to a stony substrate. It avoids cultivated areas. Occurs only in low hilly tracts, being totally absent from higher mountains.

Red Data Status:

World Distribution:
An Oriental endemic specie confined to the Southern and Western parts of Indian Subcontinent. It is endemic to Pakistan and India.

Distribution in Pakistan:
In Pakistan it occurs very sparsely in the Salt Range. It is confined to low and hilly areas and stony rocky escarpments of the Salt Range, Attock, on the west side of the Indus in the low hills around Kohat, and the lower Kurram Valley. It also occurs in the foot of the hills north of Khushab.

Places to See Painted Sandgrouse:
In Pakistan the Painted Sandgrouse is a curiously rare bird. It is totally absent from many areas of perfect habitat. Therefore, prediction of places to see this bird are tough. Still, this bird can be reliably encountered in Dina, part of Jhelum district in the months of July-August. However, the area is jeepable, but not motorable. Here in 2004 upto 6 birds were seen in 3 groups in an area less than 2 acres.

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