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Bird Specialties of Pakistan

By BCP members Muhammad Saad N Qaisrani and Nausherwan Sarshar Ahmed

Sind Sparrow:

The Sind Sparrow is noticeably smaller than the much commoner House Sparrow. The male can be distinguished from the male of House Sparrow by the presence of a very clearly defined black chin and throat patch which does not extend to the upper breast, unlike the House Sparrow. Distinction between the females of both species is very hard in the field.

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Red Data Status:

World Distribution:
The Sind Sparrow's global distribution is restricted to 2 countries, Pakistan and India. In India the Sind Sparrow occurs only in the Western states of Haryana and Indian Punjab. However the bird is much commoner in Pakistan than it is in India.

Its occurrence in Iran is doubtful.

Distribution in Pakistan:
The Sind Sparrow in Pakistan occurs in the provinces of Sind, Punjab and N.W.F.P. Previously less common, but now this sparrow is quite well established in Punjab and Sind. It also occurs in Azad Kashmir near Mangla Reservoir. It can be seen at many suitable sites in Southern Punjab in Dera Ghazi Khan. It occurs in all the 5 major river systems and on all major dams and barrages of the country.

Places to See Sind Sparrow:
It is common along the East Narra Canal. Also, the bird is common in Lal Soharna, Pirawala and Chichawatni forest plantations. In Dera Ghazi Khan it is common near Roadside ponds that are created due to drainage of canal water.

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