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Monitor and Small Lizards of Pakistan

Family: VARIANIDAE (Monitor Lizards)


Family VARIANIDAE is represented today by at least 46 species of Monitor lizards in Africa, Asia and Australasia. They are represented by a single Genera Varanus. The Genus Varanus is represented in Pakistan by the following species and subspecies:

Family: UROMASTYCIDAE ( Spiny-tailed Lizards )

  • Baloch Sping-tailed Lizard  (Uromastyx asmussi )
  • Common or Indian Spiny-tailed Lizard (Uromastyx hardwickii)

Family: GEKKONIDAE ( Eyelid and Lidless Geckoes )

  • Leopard Gecko ( Eublepharis macularius )




  • Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khan, Herpetological Lab Rabwah, Pakistan

  • Pakistan Museum of Natural History

  • Nausherwan Ahmed

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