Captured leopardess gives birth to twin cubs
From the Newspaper | Our Correspondent | 5th December, 2012

MANSEHRA, Dec 4: A female leopard that was captured by the wildlife department in injured condition from a dense forest in Kaghan valley last month has given birth to twin cubs at Dodial Pheasantry.

An official at the pheasantry told Dawn on Tuesday that the mother and her cubs were in good health.

He said a team of the wildlife department headed by Range Officer, Balakot Shafiqur Rehman had captured the leopardess from Hangrai area in Kaghan valley.

“The leopardess that suffered a back injury while jumping a prey in the thick forest was taken to the pheasantry where it underwent a successful surgical procedure. On Sunday night, it gave birth to twin cubs,” he said.

The official said the residents of Hungrai area had informed the wildlife department about the presence of the injured leopard in their area and there followed an operation by a wildlife department team led by the range officer to catch the big cat.

He said eight to 10 pairs of common leopards were present in the thick and high forests in Kaghan valley as they lived at the altitude of around 9,000 feet.

The official said the wildlife department didn’t have the data of snow leopards that lived at the altitude of above 9,000 feet.

“We have solid evidence of the presence of snow leopards at high altitude in Kaghan valley. These are seen in Koh Mukrah, Bhonja, Koh Sohni and Koh Malkia areas but the wildlife department has yet to carry out a survey about their number. There is a lack of oxygen at the altitude of over 9,000 feet or above in the valley,” said an official of the wildlife department.

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