Wild leopard joins city zoo for breeding
Daily Times,

LAHORE: A young female leopard caught from Kashmir Point in Murree has been brought to the Lahore Zoo for captivity, Lahore Zoo Director Yousaf Pal told Daily Times on Wednesday. Now there were three female leopards in the zoo, he added.

A number of leopards have been wandering around in Galliat where they have killed human beings and livestock. They killed six women in Thandiani, Qalandarabad, Beran Gali, Bakot and Singal Kot areas in a series of attacks last year.

Wildlife Director General Rao Iftakhar said a Punjab Wildlife Department team tranquillised the leopard when it came into public area near Kashmir Point. He said it seemed that there were three leopards and one of them came into the area. He said the basic reason of bringing the leopardess to the zoo was gene-alteration through breeding. He said that Wildlife Department teams always preferred to push wild animals into the jungle by making loud noises because it was a crime to kill them.

A wildlife expert said that instead of capturing wild animals for breeding, the Wildlife Department could use animals already being kept in zoos of other provinces. A wild animal would not mingle with those kept in zoos, the expert added. The expert said that the NWFP Wildlife Department had a number of leopards and they could be used for breeding. The wildlife expert said that the practice of catching wild animals from the wild and keeping them in zoos is frowned upon now.

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