Hungry leopard suffered backbone, head injuries
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BAHAWALPUR: The post-mortem examination of the leopard that died because of injuries caused by a mob at 73-DB village near Yazman, has revealed that severe beating resulted in damage to the backbone of young beast who was also hungry.

According to sources, the report says the attack by the villagers injured the beast’s backbone, also causing bleeding. Besides, it said, the leopard also suffered head injuries in the attack.

The examination further revealed that the leopard was young and aged about nine years, weighing about 50 kilograms.

Roaming in a forest pocket of Cholistan area, the beast reportedly came from Indian Rajasthan. It was besieged in a field by locals after it attacked a man near a pond.

The beast was critically injured by the locals before it was captured by a wildlife department team, sent to the area for the purpose.

The wildlife district officer told Dawn the postmortem examination of the beast was carried out after a court in Yazman allowed the procedure on Monday.

He said the court also granted permission for preservation of leopard’s body and it would be stuffed and exhibited at the museum of the local zoo.

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