PESHAWAR: Killer leopard named "ghost of Galliyat"

PESHAWAR, Sept 26: A leopard that devoured six women and spread terror in the mountainous area of the NWFP last year has been named "the ghost of Galliyat" by the NWFP wildlife department.

The department has put on display the stuffed body of the animal in its museum with "the ghost of Galliyat" tag attached to it.

The leopard had killed six women. It was trapped and killed under public pressure, said Dr Mumtaz Malik, chief conservator of the NWFP wildlife department.

The mounted body of the wild cat has been placed at the museum of the wildlife department in Peshawar for general public that the man-eater was no more, Dr Malik said.

He said that unusual animal attacks on human beings in the year 2005 spread severe fear in Galliyat, especially among women folk, who go into the mountains for collecting wood.--APP

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