Lahore Wildlife Park opening to public next month
Daily Times, Shoaib Ahmed

LAHORE: Animal lovers, especially those in Lahore, would be able to see lions and tigers roaming freely at the Lahore Wildlife Park (LWP) from next month, since the Punjab chief minister (CM) has sanctioned Rs 87 million to finish the cobble-stoned track leading to the park, which had been impeding the park’s completion, Punjab Wildlife Department (PWD) sources told Daily Times on Thursday.

Sources said that the two-kilometre path leading to the park from Raiwind Road was not straight and did not provide proper access to the park. PWD had asked the CM for funds to correct the path and he allocated Rs 87 million, out of which Rs 70 million would be spent on the road and the remaining 17 million would be used to pay for the structures that came in the way, they added.

They said that almost all the work on the park had been completed but it could not be inaugurated because of the improper access. They said that earlier, three former PWD director generals (DGs) Raja Javed, Iftikhar Rao and Iqbal Hassan had tried to solve the problem of proper access but had failed because of various reasons. The current DG Imtiaz Tajwar had however succeeded in getting the money to straighten up the path.

The main attractions of the park, the lion and tiger safaris, have already been completed and the aviary is also ready.

Although the park is not yet open to the public, hundreds of people still visit on weekends.

The African block of the park to be finished soon will include various safaris such as elephants, rhinos and bears.

The park also boasts the biggest lake in the city, complete with four islands, three for the pubic and one for aquatic birds.

The animals for the 80-acre safaris will be brought from the Lahore and Bahawalpur zoos.

Wildlife DG Imtiaz Tajwar said that the LWP would meet international standards and that currently, Rs 5 were being charged per ticket but after the formal inauguration, tickets for men would be for Rs 10, for women Rs 8 and for children Rs 5.

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