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Turtles found dead at Sandspit Beach


Turtles found dead at Sandspit Beach
Daily Times,

KARACHI: More than two green turtles were found dead Monday at Sandspit beach. The exact cause of death is yet to be confirmed but local fishermen believe that the turtles died of marine pollution.

The fisheries department and other relevant authorities were not aware of the death of the turtles.

Local fishermen were of the opinion that the turtles died at sea, and heavy currents pushed the bodies on to the beach. They urged the government to ask the authorities concerned to send samples from the dead turtles to the National Institute of Oceanography for toxic investigations.

"This is not the first time that dead turtles have been found at the Karachi coast. Whales, dolphins and turtles are found dead at Hawkesbay, Sonera and Clifton beaches every year," University Karachi Marine Biology Assistant Professor Rashida Qari told Daily Times. She said that more than 150 tons of dead fish were found at Sea View beach last year, causing environmental pollution in the area.

About 4,000 factories operating in the city discharge untreated waste into the open sea through the Lyari, Malir and Hub rivers, Qari said, adding that several complaints were lodged with the authorities concerned, but no action had been taken so far.\10\17\story_17-10-2006_pg12_5

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# online writer jobs on 06/24/11 at 08:27

I’ve read a fairytale about turtles in childhood. It is so sad…

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