Bear Baiting Events Stopped in Pakistan

Thanks to cooperation between WSPA, its member organization the Wildlife Society of Pakistan and local wildlife authorities, four bear baiting events were stopped in the Punjab province of Pakistan last month.


However, more action is still needed as WSPA’s investigators reported more illegal events scheduled in November 2006.

Bear baiting is possibly the world‘s most savage blood sport. Having had their teeth and claws removed, bears are tied to a post and set-upon by pit bull terriers, inflicting terrible suffering on both animals.

Working with authorities to end this cruel sport

Despite the existing ban on bear baiting in Pakistan, events continue to take place on a smaller scale all over the country.

Last month, WSPA urged national authorities for immediate action as 5 illegal bear baiting events were scheduled to take place in the Punjab province, in the north-east of the country.

WSPA is thankful for the effective response of national authorities which resulted in stopping 4 events.

More action is needed

Following suspects of more illegal bear baiting events planned in November 2006 in the Punjab province, WSPA and the Wildlife Society of Pakistan are urging national authorities to use their influence to enforce the Pakistan President Musharraf’s Directive and prevent these events from taking place.

With the full commitment of the Pakistani government, the chances of ending bear baiting is very high.

Together with its Member Society working on the ground WSPA is continuing to monitor the situation in the area to prevent further illegal events from taking place.

Existing ban on bear baiting

In 2001 President Musharraf of Pakistan issued a Decree calling for the existing ban on bear baiting to be enforced by the local authorities, reinforcing Pakistan‘s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1890).

Following the Decree the number of events fell dramatically and the Pakistani Government is to be congratulated for this.

To date, the number of events has rapidly decreased thanks to greater vigilance by the authorities.

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