Press release from Snow Leopard Foundation, Pakistan: Three snow leopards snapped in a single capture in Khunjerab National Park

Three Snow Leopards have been snapped in Khunjerab National Park, by Snow Leopard Foundation, Pakistan. This is amazing as seeing even one of these elusive cats is a pretty rare event.

A total of 643 photographs including a group of 3 snow leopards (probably 2 sub adults with a mother) were photographed during an intensive camera trapping session of 560 nights in KNP during Nov-Dec. 2010, conducted by the Snow Leopard Foundation, Pakistan in collaboration with the Directorate of KNP and Gilgit-Baltistan Forest and Wildlife Department. The cameras captured many other wild species as well.

Photo credits: Snow Leopard Foundation, Pakistan (SLFP)

Please click the Snow Leopard Network (SLN) blog link below for the news story and pictures.

Paguma Larvata

Close down all the zoos


Close down all the zoos
By Kamran Shafi
Published: May 3, 2012

The writer is a columnist, a former major of the Pakistan Army and served as press secretary to Benazir Bhutto

For we do not deserve the poor things, the animal haters that we are. While one has long seen and felt the plight of these creatures in the Citadel of Islam, the death of young Saheli, the female Sri Lankan Asian elephant at Marghzar Zoo in Islamabad has really shaken one to the core.

Note that whilst Asian elephants live to an average age of 60-some years, Saheli is dead at just 22 of a sore foot! I ask you! And what has the great CDA done? Suspended her caretaker mahout, Mohammad, possibly the only one who really cared for the animal. News reports suggest that he was crying like a baby at Saheli’s death, intoning repeatedly through copious tears: “She was only one year old when she came into my care, only one year old”. Does nobody else at the zoo, Mohammad’s superiors, carry any of the blame for Saheli’s death? I suppose not, for this is the Land of the Pure where the axe always falls on the weakest, most powerless.

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Zoo staff under radar after elephant dies ‘mysteriously’
APP | 2 days ago

ISLAMABAD: Performances of mahouts and veterinary staff of the Capital Development Authority were questioned after the death of a 20-year-old female elephant at Margazar Zoo on Tuesday.

It is being alleged that ‘Saheli,’ the female elephant, was poisoned or given an over-dose of tranquiliser, resulting in her death.

The female elephant ailed suddenly on Sunday morning and was unable to stand up. CDA even used a crane to help her stand on her feet, but in vain.

CDA’s Deputy Director General, Malik Auliya said Saheli had shown improvement on Tuesday morning and ate some watermelons, bananas and drank milk.

Director Zoo, CDA Sajjad Shah had suspended Faiz Muhammad, a mahout, soon after the animal fell down owing to illness.

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Missing facilities: Zoo without resources to chop Saheli up
By Maha Mussadaq
Published: May 3, 2012

Saheli’s body lay skinless in her cage at the Marghazar Zoo. Two teams from the Natural Museum Shakarparian and National Veterinary Laboratory took samples from her to be sent for post-mortem.

The body was surrounded by huge slabs of ice, while the zoo officials splashed antiseptic water nearby. They went in and out of the cordoned-off cage, outside which a crane stood parked.

But the circumstances under which the 22-year-old Sri Lankan elephant died weren’t any clearer on Wednesday. Dr Saleem Sulheri, a veterinarian at the zoo, told The Express Tribune that post-mortem would take up about two days.

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Sick or neglected?: A star dies at Marghazar Zoo
By Maha Mussadaq
Published: May 2, 2012

She was like my own child, cried Faiz Mohammad who took care of Saheli since she was one. The 22-year-old elephant died at Marghazar Zoo on Tuesday morning.

Saheli came to the zoo in 1991, a gift from the Sri Lankan government. She was brought to partner with Kaavan, a male elephant who has been here for 27 years.

Mohammad, who has worked at the zoo for 35 years, wiped his tears, “I have been taking care of her ever since she was brought here; she was just one-year-old.”

According to Mohammad, Saheli was injured a few days ago and was in a lot of pain. Her movement slowed down and she began limping on occasion. “When we noticed she was hurt, we immediately had the doctors come to examine her.”

Two doctors have been coming to check and treat her for the past two days. “I do not think there was any mistake made in her treatment, but I still don’t know the cause of her death,” he said, taking breaks to compose himself.

Faiz Muhammad crying besides Saheli’s body. PHOTO: FILE, ONLINE

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Elephant in Marghazar zoo dies: Saheli to reappear in bones
From the Newspaper | Ikram Junaidi | 2 days ago

ISLAMABAD: Saheli, the female elephant in the city’s Marghazar Zoo, died on Tuesday, leaving her male mate Kawan, who kept watch on her as she writhed in pain in one of her legs for two weeks, all alone.

Zoo staff found it too unwieldy to transport her carcass to the Veterinary Laboratory at Chak Shahzad for the postmortem to determine the real cause of her death. So, the staff packed the carcass in ice for vets to conduct postmortem on Wednesday.

Zoo workers cover the body of Saheli, the female elephant which died in Manghazar zoo, Islamabad. - Online

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