Press release from Snow Leopard Foundation, Pakistan: Three snow leopards snapped in a single capture in Khunjerab National Park

Three Snow Leopards have been snapped in Khunjerab National Park, by Snow Leopard Foundation, Pakistan. This is amazing as seeing even one of these elusive cats is a pretty rare event.

A total of 643 photographs including a group of 3 snow leopards (probably 2 sub adults with a mother) were photographed during an intensive camera trapping session of 560 nights in KNP during Nov-Dec. 2010, conducted by the Snow Leopard Foundation, Pakistan in collaboration with the Directorate of KNP and Gilgit-Baltistan Forest and Wildlife Department. The cameras captured many other wild species as well.

Photo credits: Snow Leopard Foundation, Pakistan (SLFP)

Please click the Snow Leopard Network (SLN) blog link below for the news story and pictures.


Pakistan’s National Mammal is Making A Comeback

Surveys show endangered markhor are rebounding in northern Pakistan
Markhor are majestic wild goats known for their spectacular horns
WCS’s community conservation program is helping protect markhor and other wildlife

NEW YORK (July 3, 2012) – The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announced today that the markhor – a majestic wild goat species – is making a remarkable comeback in Pakistan due to conservation efforts.

WCS-led community surveys have revealed that markhor populations in northern Pakistan’s Kargah region in Gilgit-Baltistan have increased from a low of approximately 40-50 individuals in 1991 to roughly 300 this year. These community surveys suggest that the total markhor population where WCS works in Gilgit-Baltistan may now be as high as 1,500 animals, a dramatic increase since the last government estimate of less than 1,000 in 1999.

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A brown bear family sighted in Hundrap, Ghizer
Our Correspondent

Gilgit, June 21: The Snow Leopard Foundation, Pakistan, has said that a family of Brown Bear has been sighted in Hundrap area of Phandar, located in Ghizer District of Gilgit – Baltistan. According to a press statement members of an occupancy survey team sighted the Brown Bear family from an approximate distance of almost 100m.

The site occupancy survey in Pahndar was a two week activity to document occurrence of large carnivores, the press statement states, in which an area comprising of 51 grid cells (5 x 5 km each) were searched by six experienced researchers. The main localities surveyed included Langer, Barsit, Teru, Hundrab, Serbal and Chashi. The presence of brown bear, wolf, fox and ibex was confirmed in different parts of the area through their signs. Sighting of brown bear in Hundrab strengthened the evidences.

Gupis: The surveyors think that the population of the endangered Brown Bear in Hundrap might be very small. PR

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Sarus cranes seen in Pakistan after a decade
From the Newspaper | Faiza Ilyas | 2 days ago

KARACHI: The world’s tallest flying bird, the majestic sarus crane is back in Pakistan after more than a decade.

A lone pair sighted in Nagarparkar this year is a hope that the rare bird species may become part of Pakistan’s landscape again. But this can happen only if people develop a love for this beautiful and delicate creature and start protecting it.

This important information was shared at a meeting held on the premises of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) on Friday where wildlife experts, nature enthusiasts and government officials of relevant departments formed a group for cranes’ conservation with its initial focus on sarus cranes.

The meeting was organised by the Save Wildlife and Nature (Swan).

A pair of sarus cranes spotted in Nagarparkar early this year. Cranes of this species were previously sighted in 1999. — Photo by Ghulam Rasool / WWF Pakistan

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Paguma Larvata

Leopard couple witnessed in Quetta


Leopard couple witnessed in Quetta
May 09, 2012

A couple of leopard has been witnessed in Takato mountain range adjacent to Quetta which probably had migrated from Afghanistan to Pakistani mountainous area in search of food.

A non-governmental group working on preservation of wildlife arranged a trip of Quetta based journalists to Takato mountain range on Tuesday.

"A leopard ate goat of a villager in Takato mountain range in last snowfall and when villagers chased the footprint of the leopard on snow, they watched a couple of leopard on the peak of the mountain," the group's office-bearers told media persons.

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Paguma Larvata

Close down all the zoos


Close down all the zoos
By Kamran Shafi
Published: May 3, 2012

The writer is a columnist, a former major of the Pakistan Army and served as press secretary to Benazir Bhutto

For we do not deserve the poor things, the animal haters that we are. While one has long seen and felt the plight of these creatures in the Citadel of Islam, the death of young Saheli, the female Sri Lankan Asian elephant at Marghzar Zoo in Islamabad has really shaken one to the core.

Note that whilst Asian elephants live to an average age of 60-some years, Saheli is dead at just 22 of a sore foot! I ask you! And what has the great CDA done? Suspended her caretaker mahout, Mohammad, possibly the only one who really cared for the animal. News reports suggest that he was crying like a baby at Saheli’s death, intoning repeatedly through copious tears: “She was only one year old when she came into my care, only one year old”. Does nobody else at the zoo, Mohammad’s superiors, carry any of the blame for Saheli’s death? I suppose not, for this is the Land of the Pure where the axe always falls on the weakest, most powerless.

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