A brown bear family sighted in Hundrap, Ghizer
Our Correspondent

Gilgit, June 21: The Snow Leopard Foundation, Pakistan, has said that a family of Brown Bear has been sighted in Hundrap area of Phandar, located in Ghizer District of Gilgit – Baltistan. According to a press statement members of an occupancy survey team sighted the Brown Bear family from an approximate distance of almost 100m.

The site occupancy survey in Pahndar was a two week activity to document occurrence of large carnivores, the press statement states, in which an area comprising of 51 grid cells (5 x 5 km each) were searched by six experienced researchers. The main localities surveyed included Langer, Barsit, Teru, Hundrab, Serbal and Chashi. The presence of brown bear, wolf, fox and ibex was confirmed in different parts of the area through their signs. Sighting of brown bear in Hundrab strengthened the evidences.

Gupis: The surveyors think that the population of the endangered Brown Bear in Hundrap might be very small. PR

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Taxidermist’s mission: Whale shark to become national heritage
By Usama Zafar
Published: February 18, 2012

In its journey from becoming a dead fish on the Karachi shore to a national heritage, the 40.1-foot-long whale shark was transferred to the Pakistan Museum of Natural History here on Friday.

Once it is preserved – a process that will take up to six months and cost Rs2.5 million — the fish will become a national heritage, said the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) in a press briefing.

An official from the PSF said the body of the fish has been moved to the museum.

PSF Chairman Dr Manzoor Hussain Soomro told The Express Tribune the whale was chemically processed before it was sent to Islamabad.

PHOTOS: FILE, INP The 40.1-foot whale shark was found in Karachi and is being preserved in Islamabad. PHOTO: INP

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36-foot-long whale shark carcass brought to city harbour
Faiza Ilyas | Metropolitan > Karachi | From the Newspaper
16th February, 2012

KARACHI, Feb 7: A 36-foot-long whale shark was on Tuesday morning brought to the Karachi Fish Harbour by local fishermen who claimed to have found it dead in the open sea though some experts believed that the shark might have been killed after it got entangled in a net.

The female fish weighs around 7,000 kilos, according to experts.

The whale shark was taken out of the channel with the help of two cranes amid rapturous applause by hundreds of onlookers.

The seven-tonne whale shark is being lifted with the help of two cranes on Tuesday morning. – Fahim Siddiqui / White Star

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It was THIS big! Fishermen on the Arabian Sea reel in giant 40ft long whaleshark
By Leon Watson

Try telling someone you caught this 40ft fish that's as big as a whale - because they're unlikely to believe you.

But that's exactly what a group of fishermen will be saying after landing this monster from the deep in the Arabian Sea.

Pictures emerged today of the giant whaleshark being reeled in and brought to port in the Pakistani city of Karachi.
Reeled in: Pakistani fishermen use cranes to pull the carcass of a whale shark from the water

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Fishermen reel in shark the size of a school bus
Rehan Khan / EPA

Fishermen tie ropes around the carcass of a whale shark in a harbor in Karachi, Pakistan, on Feb. 7, 2012. The 40-foot whale shark was said to have been found dead in the Arabian Sea.
By David R Arnott,

Fishermen in the Pakistani port of Karachi got more than they bargained for Tuesday as they reeled in one of the biggest fish in the sea: a whale shark.

The Express Tribune, a Pakistani newspaper, reported that the 40-foot fish was first spotted ten days ago in seas about 150 km (93 miles) from the city. Mehmood Khan, the owner of a local fishery, said the shark was unconscious at that time and other reports said that it was found dead Tuesday.

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Paguma Larvata



By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: Snow-leopard has been spotted in the forests near the villages of Bakamak and Shali from where it moved to the lower altitude of Toshi game reserve due to the accumulation of heavy snow in the highlands.

The animal had disappeared from the area and had not been seen anywhere during the last two years and the people had concerns about its complete extinction, an official of wildlife department told

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