A brown bear family sighted in Hundrap, Ghizer
Our Correspondent

Gilgit, June 21: The Snow Leopard Foundation, Pakistan, has said that a family of Brown Bear has been sighted in Hundrap area of Phandar, located in Ghizer District of Gilgit – Baltistan. According to a press statement members of an occupancy survey team sighted the Brown Bear family from an approximate distance of almost 100m.

The site occupancy survey in Pahndar was a two week activity to document occurrence of large carnivores, the press statement states, in which an area comprising of 51 grid cells (5 x 5 km each) were searched by six experienced researchers. The main localities surveyed included Langer, Barsit, Teru, Hundrab, Serbal and Chashi. The presence of brown bear, wolf, fox and ibex was confirmed in different parts of the area through their signs. Sighting of brown bear in Hundrab strengthened the evidences.

Gupis: The surveyors think that the population of the endangered Brown Bear in Hundrap might be very small. PR

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Paguma Larvata

Endangered python spotted in AJK


Endangered python spotted in AJK
By Tariq Naqash
Friday, 26 Jun, 2009 | 07:33 AM PST

MUZAFFARABAD, June 25: Wildlife officials in Azad Jammu and Kashmir are trying to find out the whereabouts of a ‘near threatened’ species of a python morulus sighted recently near here during the excavation of a tunnel of a power project.

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Leopard cub handed over to wildlife dept
Friday, 31 Jul, 2009 | 10:18 AM PST |

MANSEHRA: The people of Doga Chitty Gali have captured a leopard cub and handed it over to the wildlife department after it ‘attacked’ a child in the area.

According to local people, relatives had rescued the cub near the Batrasi forest area in the Karnol Union Council of Balakot the other day.

Recently, a man had been killed by a leopard in the Shaheed Pani forest area of Jabory, and the incident had frightened the local people. Naib Nazim Mohammad Yousaf, after the incident, had asked the wildlife department to confine the wild animals to the forests, otherwise the people would kill them in their defence.

The people of Doga Chitty Gali have captured a leopard cub and handed it over to the wildlife department after it ‘attacked’ a child in the area. — Dawn

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Lioness kills her two cubs at zoo


Lioness kills her two cubs at zoo
Thursday, 23 Jul, 2009 | 10:54 AM PST |

LAHORE: A lioness at the Lahore Zoo killed her two newborns (cubs) early on Wednesday, zoo officials told Dawn.

Rani gave birth to two cubs by midnight, but killed them by eating up their heads.

Lahore Zoo Director Zafar Shah said the lioness is a bad mother who is in the habit of killing her cubs. She had been killing her cubs for the last three years, he said.

Lahore Zoo Director Zafar Shah said the lioness is a bad mother who is in the habit of killing her cubs. She had been killing her cubs for the last three years. — APP/File Photo

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Vulture Restaurant Opens in Pakistan


Vulture Restaurant Opens in Pakistan
Written by Rhishja Larson
Published on July 30th, 2009

In order to provide safe food for critically endangered vultures, Pakistan has opened a “vulture restaurant.”

After 95% of the vulture populations in India, Nepal and Pakistan were lost due to poisoning by the drug Diclofenac, the idea of “vulture restaurants” have been catching on.

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Sharifs' burning tiger gets frosty reception in boiling Pakistan
Biting sarcasm tears into political family's plan to keep imported Siberian cat in chilled pen as Pakistanis roast amid power cuts
Declan Walsh, Islamabad, Tuesday 28 July 2009 15.39 BST

When a Siberian tiger landed in the Pakistani city of Lahore last week, at the height of a sweltering summer, some worried that the blistering temperatures might prove too much for the rare animal.

But in the end the heat proved too much for its owners, the politically dominant Sharif family, who, after a round of lacerating media criticism, have offered to give the hapless tiger up.

The animal was flown in from Canada by Suleiman Sharif, a nephew of the opposition leader, Nawaz Sharif, who is known as the "Lion of Punjab". The Pakistani government banned the import of big cats last February.

However, Sharif junior has got powerful connections: his father, Shahbaz, is chief minister of Punjab. So when the tiger landed at Lahore airport, it was welcomed by the chief minister's private secretary, who whisked it through customs.

According to press reports, Suleiman planned to house the tiger in a chilled enclosure at the family's private zoo on the Raiwind estate, on the outskirts of the city. A second tiger had been ordered from Canada.

The matter, when it hit the newspapers, prompted outrage, not so much because it highlighted the powerful dodging the law, which is nothing unusual in Pakistan, but due to the insensitivity of building a refrigerated room at a time when most Pakistanis are labouring under extensive electricity outages in roasting weather.

"It is hard to see the inhabitants of Siberia faring well in the heat and humidity of Lahore," noted an acerbic editorial in The News, which demanded an official investigation. Its competitor, Dawn, queried: "Wouldn't millions of Pakistanis … be outraged?"

And so the tiger had to go. Today, the World Wildlife Fund office said the Sharif family had offered to donate the politically problematic animal to charity. "They contacted our office to say they are ready to hand over the animal. It's in their interest to give it up," said the charity's director for Pakistan, Ali Hassan Habib. "And so it should be. We want to use this opportunity to educate them."

Habib said he would try to place the tiger with a suitable zoo in Lahore, otherwise the animal would be sent abroad. He said the affair raised questions about why the Canadian exporter agreed to deal with a private individual instead of a zoo.

Suleiman Sharif has not publicly commented. His uncle Nawaz, the most popular politician in Pakistan, according to polls, is in London, where his wife is receiving medical treatment.

A Sharif spokesman in Lahore said it was "entirely incorrect" that a chilled cage had been built, and added: "There is no tiger at the Raiwind farmhouse, I can guarantee you that."

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