A brown bear family sighted in Hundrap, Ghizer
Our Correspondent

Gilgit, June 21: The Snow Leopard Foundation, Pakistan, has said that a family of Brown Bear has been sighted in Hundrap area of Phandar, located in Ghizer District of Gilgit – Baltistan. According to a press statement members of an occupancy survey team sighted the Brown Bear family from an approximate distance of almost 100m.

The site occupancy survey in Pahndar was a two week activity to document occurrence of large carnivores, the press statement states, in which an area comprising of 51 grid cells (5 x 5 km each) were searched by six experienced researchers. The main localities surveyed included Langer, Barsit, Teru, Hundrab, Serbal and Chashi. The presence of brown bear, wolf, fox and ibex was confirmed in different parts of the area through their signs. Sighting of brown bear in Hundrab strengthened the evidences.

Gupis: The surveyors think that the population of the endangered Brown Bear in Hundrap might be very small. PR

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Paguma Larvata

Scared villagers kill leopard


Scared villagers kill leopard
The Newspaper's Correspondent
Published 2013-12-04 07:43:37

SUKKUR, Dec 3: Villagers living in the kutcha area in Shah Belo near Sukkur killed a leopard, commonly referred to as a cheetah or a taindwa, when it ventured in their village and gave them a scare.

Villagers said that they came out of their houses when they heard noise outside and the leopard tried to pounce on them. They then shot him.

Wildlife department officials reached the village and took the body in their custody.

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The last roar: Residents gun down leopard soon after it enters village
By Our Correspondent
Published: December 5, 2013

SUKKUR: A leopard that entered a village near Sukkur was gunned down by some of its residents on Tuesday morning.

The animal, an adult male of around nine years, entered the underlying areas of Shah Bello and was about to attack the goats and buffaloes roaming the streets when some residents spotted it. By the time the wildlife department reached, some men had already killed it.

According to a resident, they heard the goats and buffaloes howling and rushed out of their homes. Most of them had never seen a leopard in the area so they became scared and opened fire at the animal. He died on the spot. He insisted that they informed the wildlife department as soon as they spotted the leopard but they did not turn up until the animal had already been killed.

Some residents shot down a leopard that strolled into their village near Sukkur on Tuesday morning. PHOTO: EXPRESS

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First Common Leopard (Panthera pardus) Radio Collared by WWF-Pakistan
2th September, 2013

Lahore, 2 September 2013: The team of World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan (WWF-Pakistan) captured a male Common Leopard (Panthera pardus) in the vicinity of Ayubia National Park. Later, fitted with a satellite (GPS) collar and released back into the wild in collaboration with the Wildlife Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. As this was the first time a common leopard had been collared in Pakistan

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Common leopard sighted in Lalazar, Nathiagali
21 August, 2013

A spectacular image of the common leopard-Panthera pardus was taken from a camera trap in Lalazar, Nathiagali. The photo revealed that the animal was in a healthy state but a little scratch on his nose. The camera trap, installed with the assistance of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Department, had been shifted to its present location only a week earlier.

Camera trap of a rare Common Leopard sighted in Lalazar, Nathiagali. WWF-Pakistan has initiated Common Leopard Conservation Project to protect the endangered species from extinction

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Leatherback turtle spotted for the first time at Gwadar


Leatherback turtle spotted for the first time at Gwadar
By Our Correspondent
Published: April 18, 2013

The country’s coastline boasted of five species of marine turtles but one of them, the leatherback, was never spotted live before – until Tuesday when a group of fishermen caught one at Gwadar.

Green turtles, olive-ridley, hawksbill and loggerhead are among the others also found along the Pakistan coastline, but the leatherback is considered one of the most rare species, not just in the country, but across the globe.

On Tuesday, a group of fishermen operating a monofilament gillnet caught a large leatherback turtle at Gwadar near Surbandar village. Since the turtle was stuck inside their net, the fishermen brought the turtle to the beach, after which the World Wildlife Fund – Pakistan (WWF-P) helped them rescue it and release it back into the sea.

According to WWF-P technical adviser on marine fisheries Muhammad Moazzam Khan, leatherback turtles are very rarely found in the coastal areas of Pakistan. They have been spotted four or five times before but they were all dead.

“It is our luck that leatherback turtles exist in our sea as these are signs of the existence of life in natural position,” Khan said.

This leatherback turtle found at Gwadar was released back into the sea within 30 minutes. PHOTO: COURTESY WWF-P

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