During the creation of this website, many individuals and organizations were contacted in Pakistan and around the world for their valuable knowledge and experience in the field of wildlife conservation. I am indebted to these individuals without whose cooperation this website would not have been made possible. A lot of pictures and species information were gathered from different websites. While most of the information taken is in public domain, it is requested to inform me of any copyright violations or regulations. I will remove any such material from the website, but please remember that this website has only been created to make people aware of the dwindling wildlife and its habitat, not only in Pakistan, but also in other countries of the regions. If your information can achieve this goal than I think we can save the diminishing wildlife that makes this world such a beautiful place to live.

In end, My special thanks and appreciation to the following people for their generous support in building this website:

  • Mr. T.J Roberts, author of the two monumental books, "The Mammals of Pakistan and The Birds of Pakistan." Whose knowledge on Pakistan's wildife has been a constant source of inspiration for me.
  • Mr. Brett Huffman, for his generous offer of allowing me to use the information of various species of ungulates from his website,"The Ultimate Ungulates Page."
  • Mr. Peter Jackson, Chairman of the IUCN's Cats Specialist Group, who allowed me to use the information from the wildcats website of the IUCN Cat's Specialist Group.
  • Mr. Sharif Muhammad Khan for his generous help with papers, photos, maps, taxonomic reviews and edits with Reptiles and Amphibians of Pakistan. 
  • Mr. Ather Rafi for his offer of help with insects of Pakistan. His butterflies of Pakistan website is linked from this website and his future projects are in the pipeline.
  • Sq leader, Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmed for his many papers on the Wildlife of Pakistan.
  • Mr. Ahmad Khan, for his numerous reports on the wildlife of the Northern Areas of Pakistan

Thanks are also due to:

  • IUCN's Canid Specialist Group 

  • IUCN's Crocodile Specialist Group

  • IUCN's Caprinae Specialist Group

  • IUCN's Pheasant Specialist Group

  • IUCN's Crane Specialist Group

  • WWF-Pakistan

  • IUCN-Pakistan

  • Sindh Wildlife Department

  • Punjab Wildlife Department

  • N.W.F.P Wildlife Department

  • Baluchistan Wildlife Department

  • Wild Sheep Online (

  • World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)

The following is the list of individuals and organizations that provided me with species information, pictures and other documents:

Protected Areas Section:


  • Mr. M. Faisal Choudry: Pictures of Margalla Hills National Park and Deosai National Park

  • Mr. John Mock: Picture of Chitral Gol National Park. Information on wildlife sanctuaries and game reserves of Northern Areas, from his website "Karakoram and Hindukush homepage."


  • WWF- Pakistan: Pictures and maps of Khunjerab National Park, Lal Suhanra National Park, Hazar Gangi National Park and Haleji Lake. Additional information on the wildlife of Khunjerab National Park.

  • Sindh Wildlife Management Board: Pictures and map of Kirthar National Park. Additional Information on the wildlife of Kirthar National Park.

  • Dawn Newspapers: Picture of Ayubia National Park.

    Biodiversity Section:

    Individuals and Organizations:


  • Fritfoto: Rhesus Macaque

  • Birmingham Zoo: Hanuman Langur, Asiatic Black Bear and Palla's Cat

  • BBC Wildfact: Brown Bear, Blandford's Fox

  • Wildife Ring: Red Fox

  • Dubai Zoo: Ruppell's Fox

  • Sri Lanka Jungle Profile: Common Leopard

  • IUCN Cat's Specialist Group: Eurasian Lynx, Jungle Cat, Sand Cat

  • Sind Wildlife Management Board: Sind Ibex, Desert Monitor Lizard

  • Deer Net: Nilgai and Barking Deer

  • National Geographic Magazine: Blackbuck

  • WWF-Pakistan: Chinkara Gazelle and Green Turtle

  • Iran Safari: Goitered Gazelle and Wild Boar

  • Para Park Game Reserve Australia: Hog Deer

  • Himachal Online: Musk Deer

  • Rajpal Singh: Indian Wolf

  • Bedi Sons: Asiatic jackal, Indian Python (Indian Widlife)

  • Arjun Venkatraman: Red Dhole

  • Bret Larwick: Snow Leopard

  • Konrad Wothe: Eurasian Lynx

  • Gordon/Howletts and Port Lympne Zoo, Kent: Caracal

  • Gordon/Howletts and Port Lympne Zoo, Kent: Fishing Cat

  • Gordon/Howletts and Port Lympne Zoo, Kent: Indian Desert Cat

  • Allen Dregasco: Sand Cat

  • Shigeki Yasuma: Leopard Cat

  • Nirmal Gosh: Stripped Hyeana

  • Feng Gang: Siberian Ibex

  • Joanna Van Gruisen: Blue Sheep

  • Gertrud and Helmut Denzau: BlackBuck

  • Brentt Huffman: Kiang

  • Nathan Falhauer Safari: Markhor

  • F. Wayne King(IUCN): Mugger

  • Tim Dwigth(Wildlife Web): Gharial

  • Ken Felsman: Spiny Tailed Lizard

  • Robbie Hamper: Leopard Gecko

  • The Shark Trust: Black Tip Reef Shark and Great hammer Head Shark

  • The Bill Fish Foundation: Black Marlin, Shortbill Spear Fish, Sail Fish and Sword Fish

  • Unknown: Cheetah, Goral and Olive Ridley Turtle


  • The Pictorial Guide to The Living Primates," Pagonias Press, Newyork", and T. Roberts (Mammals of Pakistan): Rhesus Macaque and Hanuman Langur

  • International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA), Pakistan Convention of Biodiversity and WSPA: Brown Bear and Black Bear

  • IUCN Canid Specialist Group and T. Roberts (Mammals of Pakistan): Wolf, Golden Jackal, Red Fox, Red Dhole, Blandford's Fox, Rupplle's Fox and Bengal Fox

  • IUCN Cat's Specialist Group, Big Cats Online, National Geographic Magazine,WWF-Pakistan, T.J.Roberts and Ahmad Khan: Common Leopard, Snow Leopard,

  • Animal Diversity Web and T. Roberts (Mammals of Pakistan): Stripped Hyena

  • The Ultimate Ungulate Page" by Brent Huffman, WWF/WCMC, Shagrila HomePage and "Mammals of Pakistan," T.J Roberts: Markhor, Himalayan Ibex, Sind Wild Goat, Bharal, Goral, Nilgai, BlackBuck, Chinkara, Goitered gazelle, Hog Deer, Barking Deer, Musk Deer, Tibetan Wild Ass, WildBoar

  • Cetacea Online and Animal Info: Indus Blind Dolphin

  • IUCN Crocodile Specialist Group and Pakistan Convention of Biodiversity: Mugger and Gharial

  • Earth Times and Fahmida Israr: Green Turtle and Olive Ridley Turtle

  • The Shark Trust: Black Tip Reef Shark and Great Hammer Head Shark

  • The Billfish Foundation: Black Marlin, Short Bill Spearfish, Sailfish and Swordfish


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