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Two websites are affiliated with the Wildlife of Pakistan website. As with the Wildlife of Pakistan website the aim of these two websites is to increase awareness of wildlife conservation among the people of Pakistan and to reduce human pressure from endangered species. Please check below for detail information on the affiliate websites.

The Birdwatcher's Club of Pakistan
The Birdwatcher's Club of Pakistan (BCP) was founded in summer
2005 by a group of dedicated birdwatchers in Pakistan to conserve the diverse and beautiful avifauna of Pakistan. The aim of the club is to help promote and encourage bird watching among fellow birders who are interested in the birds of Pakistan and the neighboring countries. BCP is actively involved in the conservation of threatened birds in Pakistan. It also collects and publishes information on the birds in Pakistan and is trying to built up a database of birds in Pakistan. Furthermore, BCP interacts and coordinates with other birding clubs in the region for bird conservation. 

BCP Affiliate Website:


Professor Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khan's Herpetology Website
This website is a personal website of Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khan. Dr. Khan started working on herps of Pakistan when the knowledge about herps in Pakistan was about nil.
Dr. Khan pioneered the study of herps in Pakistan. He has searched almost every corner of Pakistan for reptiles and amphibians and discovered 34 new species, which include 11 snakes, 15 lizards and 8 amphibians. Prof. Khan has published about 200 research papers in different scientific journals of the world. He has also published 10 books on amphibians and reptiles of Pakistan in English, Urdu and German languages. Dr. Khan and Wildlife of Pakistan website have been working together for 4 years now on the research of herps in Pakistan and are proud of their partnership.

Dr M.S. Khan's Herpetology Website: |


Credits and Reference:

  • Birdwatcher's Club of Pakistan
  • Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khan
  • Nausherwan Ahmed



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