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During this century we have seen the human population increasing at an alarming rate. This situation has reduced the natural habitats of thousands of animal and plant species. Human population pressure and the hunting of animal species has brought many species of wildlife on the brink of extinction. Unfortunately, Pakistan is also among those countries that is faced with this problem. After its independence in 1947 the human population of Pakistan has increased at an alarming rate. Currently it is the sixth most populous country in the world, with a total population of 145 million and its human population growth of 2.5% per annum is among the highest in the developing nations. This problem has made many species of wildlife rare in the country.


Despite this fact, Pakistan still has a fascinating biodiversity of plants and animals. With 188 Mammals, 668 Birds, 195 Reptiles, 22 Amphibians, 525 Fishes and over 20,000 Insects/Invertebrates, Pakistan truly has a remarkable biodiversity.  The Indus Blind Dolphin, The Sulieman Markhor, The Chiltan Wild goat, The Wooly Flying Squirrel and The Baluchistan Bear are only found in this beautiful country.


I started working on this website in March 1999 and wanted to finish it as soon as possible. But the fact was that at the same time I was finishing my degree in Management Information System which kept me really busy during the semester. But by the grace of Allah I have finished most of the sections. Being away from Pakistan made my work more difficult as it was quiet difficult to gather wildlife information from here. It is my request that anyone who has genuine knowledge of Wildlife in Pakistan help me in updating this website. This will greatly help in saving our natural heritage which is still found but is under constant pressure from various sources.



Transformation of Wildlife of Pakistan website from 1999 to 2002

Wildlife of Pakistan website as of March 1999

Wildlife of Pakistan website as of June 2002



The main purpose of this website is to:

  • Increase awareness of wildlife conservation among the people of Pakistan.

  • Reduce human pressure from endangered species.

  • Help save wildlife and wilderness by asking the Government to set up more protected areas and to make management plans for the existing ones.

  • To promote eco-tourism in National Parks.

I dedicate this website to the people of Pakistan, especially the younger generation. May you all save the precious biodiversity of our country and help promote wildlife conservation. 


Nausherwan Sarshar Ahmed


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