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Amphibians of Pakistan

As Pakistan is a predominantly arid and semi-arid country, it is not surprising that only 22 species of amphibians have been recorded, of which 9 are endemic. There are definite Himalayan elements in bufonids and ranids. However, in plains southeast Asian frogs and Palearctic toads are dominant. Endemic elements are dominant among bufonids. Amphibians in Pakistan belong to four families: Bufonidae, Microhylidae, Megophryidae and Ranidae.


Information on Amphibians in Pakistan is scat and not much is know about their distribution and taxonomy. Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khan has done extensive research and has written numerous papers on the reptiles and Amphibians of Pakistan. Dr. Khan has been extremely helpful and generous in helping me with the taxonomy and distribution of amphibians in Pakistan. This page is due to his efforts.

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Narrow-mouth frogs:
Family Microhylida

Broad-mouth frogs, True frogs:
Family Ranidae

Asian Toads, Litter frogs:
Family Megophryidae

Toads: Family Bufonidae



  • Muhammad Sharif Khan (Herpetological Labs Rabwah, Pakistan)

  • Nausherwan Ahmed


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