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Marbled teals found breeding in Sindh

The Daily Dawn July 15, 2005

SUKKUR, July 14: The marbled teal, a globally threatened waterfowl that visited and bred at the now dry Zanginawar Lake in Balochistan till the 1980s, is nowadays breeding in the Deh Akro-II Wildlife Sanctuary, Nawabshah, and few lakes along the Nara Canal in Khairpur district. A group of about 30 pairs of the marbled teal (Marmaronetta angusterostris) was observed in the Dang-i-wari Lake in the Nara Game Reserve with 100 chicks during June and July by a Sindh Wildlife Department survey team.

The tealís present world population in estimated at 30-35,000.

A group of sub-adult marbled teals with mother in the Dang-i-wari lake (Nara) ready for migrating back to colder regions

Six nests with eggs and chicks of the white tailed plover were also recorded at the Dang-i-wari and Jagir lakes of the Nara Game Reserve.

Meanwhile, for the first time, breeding has been recorded in the Nara sanctuary of the Brahminy starling or black-headed myna (Sturnus pagodarum), reddish fawn below with a glossy black crown.

A pair of these rare birds was regularly observed by the Sindh Wildlife Department staff from June and to July 10. It was found breeding in a tamarix tree trunkhole (nest) with a clutch of four eggs of pale blue colour.

 The Brahminy starling, a rare summer visitor to Sindh, outside its nest on a tamarix tree

The bird was occasionally observed earlier, but this is the first time it has been found breeding in Sindh.


Photographs and text by Hussain Bux Bhaagat (Sindh Wildlife Department) and Abdul Razaque Khan


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