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Top Birding Hot Spots in Pakistan


Updated: 02/19/2006

Information by Birdwatcher's Club of Pakistan (BCP)

The province of Punjab has its name from the fact that in it lie 5 major rivers. From this fact one can easily imagine the biodiversity it supports. Punjab province houses some of the most beautiful sites of the sub-continent. For example it is home to a part of the Murree Hill Range, also known as the "Queen of hills". Also its Salt Range is world famous for the beautiful hilly terrain and biodiversity. Similarly, it houses chains of lakes like Uchchali, Khabbaki, Kallar kahar, Nammal and Lal Sohanra. Also worth mentioning are the Cholistan and Thal deserts.

This variety of landscape and plantation provides an ideal habitat for a number of species of Restricted Range in Pakistan and throughout the world. Some birds worth mentioning are Painted Sandgrouse, Brown Rock Chat, Brown Waterhen, Indian Courser, Sind Sparrow, Sind Woodpecker, Orange Bullfinch and the Rufous fronted and Rufous vented Prinias.

The variety of habitat also supports a great number of threatened and endangered species. Some worth mentioning are White rumped vulture, Greater Spotted Eagle, Cinereous Vulture, Indian Skimmer, Black bellied Tern, Ferruginous Pochard etc.

Apart from these birds, for naturalists other things worth mentioning here include the rare, endangered and endemic Punjab Urial and Indus River Dolphin.

There are a number of birding sited that have been selected below. Information is provided about the variety of  bird species that can be seen there. Any other information regarding them can be acquired by contacting us at

Please choose a birding site below:

a. Salt Range (New)
b. Potohar Plateau (New)
. Dera Ghazi Khan (New)
d. Nammal Lake (New)
e. Pirawala forest plantation
f.  Lal Soharna National Park
g. Murree Hill Range (New)
Taunsa Barrage (New)


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Updated 02/19/2006