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Trip to Pakistan 2002
February-May, 2002

 By BCP member Sarfraz Hayat

I visited the Tanda Dam Wildlife Park in Kohat, late February 2002. I saw a pair of Black Storks, some Grey Herons, Egrets, Waders and ducks of which I believe included a small flock of around 10 Tufted Ducks. Sadly I could not identify the other species. I would say Tanda Dam is potentially a great place for bird watchers since its more or less on the Khurram River migration route.


In March 2002 I visited Karachi and went to Manora. As I walked along the beach a Frigate Bird flew above me.


In early April 2002 I visited Ziarat. I took a short walk around the house of Jinnah and I saw a medium sized falcon, above. It was dark in colour, but not a black. At Prospect Point I saw a medium sized light grey bird of prey soaring. It appeared smaller than a Buzzard and I assume it could have been a Short Toed Eagle.


In May 2002 I visited Parachinar where we took a short walk into the mountains. High above a bird circled close to one of the peaks and landed. It was a large bird of prey around the size of a Golden Eagle. I could not identify it.


In May 2002 I visited Nathia Gali fom which I and a guide trekked to the highest point, Miranjani. I saw 2 Koklass pheasants. At one stage our trip was disturbed my a clash in the trees I saw a medium sized bird of prey, grey in color, chase another bird. I am assuming it could be a female Goshawk, but they are not breeders in



We also saw another dark brown large bird of prey circling which appeared to be a Golden Eagle but could have easily been a Vulture too.

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