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Trip to Pakistan 2004
November-December, 2004

 By BCP member Sarfraz Hayat

Traveling from D I Khan to Zhob, but on the N.W.F.P side I noticed a Thrush or Chat type bird which was colored an emerald or turquoise blue above and a dark orange below. It was colored similar to a Common Kingfisher but lacked the beak and had a longer tail. The Terrain was rough, rocky and there was a very small trickle of

water not enough to be called a puddle even. This bird I have failed to identify was perched on a rock.


It was late November. I took a trip to Zarghun from Quetta and we saw a flock of See See, close to human habitation too. I also visited the Hazarganji Chiltan National Park where I saw an immature Golden Eagle hunting on the plains not far from the

mountains. A few kilo meters deeper in the park I saw a larger bird of prey circling around a peak, quite high up. It appeared bigger than the Golden Eagle in size and was a dark color. It circled very close to the peak. It was close to dusk and there were no warm air currents at that time.


In early December 2004, I visited Khinjar Lake. Other than the usual species one sees, I managed to observe an Osprey, which I videoed too.

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