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Reptiles of Pakistan Checklist

This Reptiles of Pakistan Checklist was made, using the data from the Pakistan Museum of Natural History. Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khan was very helpful in editing this checklist and added additional species that have recently been discovered by him and others in Pakistan. In addition, local names were provided by Dr. Khan. I am really grateful to Dr. Khan for his immense help in putting together this checklist. As of today, this is the most complete and upto date checklist on the reptiles found in Pakistan. However this checklist should not be considered complete as additional species will be discovered by other people as new areas are explored.






FAMILY: EMYDIDAE (Pond Turtles and River Turtles)

1. Yellow Spotted Mud Turtle

Geoclemys hamiltonii

2. Common River Turtle

Hardella thurjii

3. Brown River Turtle

Kachuga smithii

4. Sawback Turtle

Kachuga tecta tecta


5. Afghan Tortoise

Agrionemys horsfieldii

6. Sindh Star Tortoise

Geochelone elegans


7. Green sea Turtle

Chelonia mydas japonica

8. Hawksbill Turtle

Eretmochelys imbricata bissa

9. Olive Ridley Turtle

Lepidochelys olivacea olivacea

10. Lagger Headed Turtle

Caretta Caretta gigas


11. Leatherback Sea Turtle

Dermochelys coriacea

FAMILY: TRIONYCHIDAE (Softshell Turtles)

12. Narrow-headed Softshell Turtle

Chitra indica

13. Indian Soft-shell Turtle

Aspideretes gangeticus

14. Peacock Softshell

Aspideretes hurum

15. Indian Flapshell Turtle

Lissemys punctata andersoni


16. The Mugger

Crocodylus palustris palustris


17. Gharial

Gavialis gangeticus

(Eyelid and Lidless Geckoes)

18. Nikolsky Spider Gecko

Cyrtopodium agamuroides

19. Sharp-tailed Spider Gecko

Rhinogecko femoralis

20. Blunt-tailed Spider Gecko

Agamura persica

21. Baloch Rock Gecko

Alsophylax (Bunopus) tuberculatus

22. Fat-tailed Gecko

Eublepharis macularius

23. Swat Stone Gecko

Cyrtodactylus walli

24. Warty Rock Gecko

Cyrtodactylus kachhensis kachhensis

25. Quetta Rock Gecko

Cyrtodactylus kachhensis watsoni

26. Ingoldby's Stone Gecko

Cyrtodactylus Kachhensis ingoldbyi

27. Salt Range Rock Gecko

Cyrtodactylus montiumsalsorum

28. Keeled Rock Gecko

Cyrtodactylus scaber

29. Minton's Gecko

Cyrtodactylus mintoni

30. Hazara Gecko

Cyrtodactylus dattanensis

31. Persian Pigmy Gecko

Tropiocolotes persica

32. Pigmy Flat Gecko

Tropiocolotes depressus

33. Spotted Indian House Gecko

Hemidactylus brookii brookii

34. Yellow-bellied House Gecko

Hemidactylus flaviviridis

35. South Asian Waif Gecko

Hemidactylus frenatus

36. Bark Gecko

Hemidactylus leschenaultii

37. Persian Gecko

Hemidactylus persicus

38. Bloched Gecko

Hemidactylus triedrus triedus

39. Mediterranean Gecko

Hemidactylus turcicus turcicus

40. Fan Toetip Gecko

Ptyodactylus homolepis

41. Balochistan Sand gecko

Crossobamon lumsdenii

42. Whip-tailed Sand Gecko

Crossobamon maynardi

43. Sindh Sand Gecko

Crossobamon orientalis

44. Batura thin-toed Gecko

Tenuidactylus baturensis

45. Fort Munro Gecko

Tenuidactylus fortmunroi

46. Soan Sakaser Gecko

Tenuidactylus indusoani

47. Red tail Gecko

Tenuidactylus rhodocaudus

48. Rohtas Fort Gecko

Tenuidactylus rohtasfortai

49. Sindh ground Gecko

Teratolepis fasciata

50. Baluch Plate-tailed Gecko

Teratoscincus microlepis

51. Turkestan Plate-tailed Gecko

Teraoscincus scincus

52. Mountain Dwarf Gecko

Tropiocolotes depresses

53. Banded Dwarf Gecko

Tropiocolotes helenae


54. Kumaon Agama

Japalura kumaonensis

55. Agror Valley Agama

Laudakia agrorensis

56. Caucasian Rock Agama

Laudakia caucasicus

57. Badkshan Agama

Laudakia badakhshana

58. Himalayan Rock Agama

Laudakia himalyanus himalyanus

59. Black Rock Agama

Laudakia melanurus

60. Yellow- headed Black Agama

Laudakia melanurus liratus


Laudakia melanura melanura

62. Large Scaled Agama

Laudakia nuptus nuptus

63. Yellow-headed Agama

Laudakia nupta fusca

64. Kashmir Rock Agama

Laudakia tuberculatus

65. Brilliant Agama

Trapelus agilus isolepis

66. Spotted Ground agama

Trapelus ruderatua

67. Red throated Ground Agama

Trapelus rubrigularis

68. Common Ground Agama

Trapelus ruderata baluchiana

69. Small tail Ground Agama

Brachysaura minor

70. Garden Lizard

Calotes versicolor

71. Northern forest Lizard

Calotes versicolor farooqi

72. Clark's Toad-headed Agama

Phrynocephalus clarkorum

73. Beautiful Toad-headed Agama

Phrynocephalus euptilopus

74. Yellow-speckled Toad-headed Agama

Phrynocephalus luteoguttatus

75. Black-tailed Toad Agama

Phrynocephalus maculatus maculatus

76. Ornate Toad-headed Agama

Phrynocephalus ornatus

77. Gray Toad-headed Agama

Phrynocephalus scutellatus


78. Baloch Spiny-tailed Lizard

Uromastyx asmussi

79. Common Spiny-tailed Lizard

Uromastyx hardwickii


80. Ceylon Chameleon

Chamaeleo chamaeleon zeylanicus

(Sand Lizards)

81 Indian Fringe-toed Sand lizard

Acanthodactylus cantoris cantoris

82. Mekran Fringe-toed Sand Lizard

Acanthodactylus cantoris blanfordii

83. Yellow-tailed Sand Lizard

Acanthodactylus micropholis

84. Reticulate Desert Lacerta

Eremias acutirostris

85. Chagai Desert Lacerta

Eremias aporosceles

86. Sort-nosed Desert Lacerta

Eremias brevirostris

87. Yellow-headed desert Lacerta

Eremias fasciata

88. Long-tailed Desert Lacerta

Eremias guttulata watsonana

89. Caspian Desert Lacerta

Eremias scripta

90. Persian Steppe Lacerta

Eremias velox persica

91. Elegant Snake-eyed Lacerta

Ophisops elegans elegans

92. Punjab Snake-eyed Lacerta

Ophisops jerdonii

93. Blanfords Snake-eyed Lacerta

Ophisops Blanfordi

94. Indian Snake-eyed Lacerta

Ophisops microlepis


95. Earless Dwarf Skink

Ablepharus grayanus

96. Eastern Dwarf Skink

Ablepharus pannonicus

97. Ocellated Skink

Chalcides ocellatus ocellatus

98. Orange-tailed Skink

Eumeces schneiderii blythianus

99. Zarudny's Skink

Eumeces schneiderii zarudnyi

100. Yellow-bellied Mole Skink

Eumeces taeniolatus

101. Thal skink

Eumeces indothalensis

102. Himalayan Ground Skink

Leiolopisma himalayana

103. Glacier Skink

Leiolopisma ladacensis

104. Striped Grass Skink

Mabuya dissimilis

105. Bronze Grass Skink

Mabuya macularia

106. Many Keeled Grass Skink

Mabuya carinata

107. Mekkran Sand Swimmer

Ophiomorus blanfordi

108. Short-toed Sand Swimmer

Ophiomorus brevipes

109. Indus Sand Swimmer

Ophiomorus raithmai

110. Afghan Sand Swimmer

Ophiomorus tridactylus

111. Dotted Garden Skink

Riopa punctata

( Monitor Lizards)

112. Yellow Monitor

Varanus flavescens

113. Indian or Bengal Monitor

Varanus bengalensis

114. Transcaspian Desert Monitor

Varanus griseus caspius

115. Pakistan Desert Monitor

Varanus griseus koniecznyi

Sub-Order: Serpentis (Snake)

(Blind Snakes)

116. Brahminy blind Snake

Typhlops braminus

Brahamni kainchwa-saamp

117. Ahsan's blind Snake

Typhlops ahsanai

Ahsan’s kainchwa-saamp

118. Thick blind Snake

Typhlops diardi platyventris

Kashmir mota  kainchwa-saamp

119. Slender Pakistani blind Snake

Typhlops ductuliformes

Patla kainchwa-saamp

120. Madge's blind Snake

Typhlops m. madgemintonai

Patla kainchwa-saamp

121. Sherman's blind Snake

Typhlops m. shermanai


122. Sindh Thread Snake

Leptotyphlops blanfordii

Sindhi andha saamp  

123. Beaked Thread Snake

Leptotyphlops macrorhynchus

Chonchu andha saamp


124. Russell's Sand Boa

Eryx conicus

Sindhi du-muhi

125. Indian Sand Boa

Eryx johnii johnii

Bhoori du-muhi

126. Tartary Sand Boa

Eryx tataricus speciosus

Tatari du-muhi

127. Indian Python

Python molurus molurus

Sindhi azh-daha


128. Indian Gamma Snake

Boiga trigonata trigonata

Bhoora billi-chisham

129. Dark-headed Gamma Snake

Boiga trigonata melanocephala

Siah billi-chisham

130. Banded Racer

Coluber fasciolatus

Patti-dar taiz-rau

131. Spotted Desert Racer

Coluber karelini karelini

Patta koluber

132. Minton's Snake

Coluber karelini mintonorum

133. Mountain Racer

Coluber ravergeiri ravergeiri

Pahari koluber

134. Cliff Racer

Coluber rhodorachis rodorachis

Chattani koluber

135. Red Cliff Racer

Coluber rhodorachis ladacensis

136. Kashmir Cliff Racer

Coluber rhodorachis kashmirensis

Kashmir koluber

137. Plain's Racer

Coluber v. ventromaculatus

Maidani koluber

138. Bengal Plain's Racer

Coluber ventromaculatus bengalensis

Bengali koluber

139. Indus Plain's Racer

Coluber ventromaculatus indusai

Sindhi koluber

140. Dark-neck Dwarf Racer

Pseudocyclophis persica

Irani podna taiz-rau saamp

141. Sindh lake Snake

Enhydris pakistanica

Jheel saamp

142. Common Wolf Snake

Lycodon aulicus aulicus

Fraakh-dahaan saamp

143. Northern Wolf Snake.

Lycodon striatus striatus

Chittra fraakh-dahaan saamp

144. Golden Spotted Wolf Snake

Lycodon striatus bicolor

Sunahra fraakh-dahaan

145. Travancore Wolf Snake

Lycodon travancoricus

Dakhni fraakh-dahaan

146. Maynard's Awl-headed Snake

Lytorhynchus maynardi

Baloch crotia-sar

147. Sindh Awl-headed Snake

Lytorhynchus paradoxus

Sindh crotia-sar

148. Afghan Awl-headed Snake

Lytorhynchus ridgewayi

Afghan crotia-sar

149. Flat-headed Keelback

Amphiesma platyceps

Chittra khar-pusht

150. Siebold's Snake

Amphiesma sielboldii

Damni khar-pusht

151. Striped Keelback

Amphiesma Stolata stolata

Patti-dar khar-pusht

152. Tessellated Water Snake

Natrix tessellata tessellata

Chitra nadi-wala

153. Dark-bellied Marsh Snake

Xenochrophis cerasogaster

Surakh dhoobi saamp

154. Johan's water snake


Zatooni dhoobi saamp

155. Checkered Keelback

Xenochrophis piscator piscator

Chittra dhoobi saamp

156. Russet Kukri Snake

Oligodon arnensis

Patta kukri saamp

157. Streaked Kukri Snake

Oligodon taeniolatus

Dahari-dar kukri saamp

158. Indian Sand Snake

Psammophis condanarus condanarus

Burman teer-mar

159. Pakistan Ribbon Snake

Psammophis leithii

Sindhi  teer-mar

160. Steppe Ribbon Snake

Psammophis lineolatus

Dhari-dar teer-mar

161. Afro-asian Sand Snake

Psammophis schokari

Saharai teer-mar  

162. Dhaman

Ptyas mucosus


163. Golden head snake

Sibynophis sagittarius

Sunahra saamp

164. Red-Spotted Diadem Snake

Spalerosophis arenarius

Regasthani dabba saamp

165. Eastern Diadem Snake

Spalerosophis diadema diadema

Surakh dabba saamp

166. Persian Diadem Snake

Spalerosophis diadema schirazianus

rani dabba saamp

167. Indian Desert Cat Snake

Telescopus rhinopoma

Regasthani billi saamp     

(Kraits and Cobras)

168. Krait

Bungarus caeruleus


169. Sindh Krait

Bungarus s. sindanus

Sindh sangchoor

170. Northern Punjab krait

Bungarus sindanus razai

Punjab sangchoor

171. Indian Cobra

Naja naja naja

Sheesh nag

172. Oxus Cobra

Naja naja oxiana

Bhoora nag

(Sea Snakes)

173. Stoke's Sea Snake

Astrotia stokesii

Bara-sar samundri saamp

174. Beaked Sea Snake

Enhydrina schistosa

Chonchu samundri saamp

175. Many-toothed Sea Snake

Hydrophis caerulescens caerulescens

Neela samundri saamp

176. Annulated Sea Snake

Hydrophis cyanocinctus

Girrah-dar samundri saamp

177. Spotted Sea Snake

Hydrophis fasciatus fasciatus

Daula  samundri saamp

178. Persian Gulf Sea Snake

Hydrophis lapemoides

Irani samundri saamp

179. Bombay Sea Snake

Hydrophis mamillaris

Patta samundri saamp

180. Ornate Sea Snake

Hydrophis ornatus ornatus

Monga samundri saamp

181. Yellow Sea Snake

Hydrophis spiralis

Peela samundri saamp

182. Short Sea Snake

Lapemis curtus

Podna samundri saamp

183. Cantor's Small-headed Sea Snake

Microcephalophis cantoris

Chittra daula samundri saamp

184. Common Small-Headed Sea Snake

Microcephalophis gracilis gracilis

Patta daula samundri saamp

185. Pelagic Sea Snake

Pelamis platurus

Azad samundri saamp

186. Viperine Sea Snake

Praescutata viperina

Chittra samundri afi

(Vipers and Pit Vipers)

187. Saw-scaled Viper

Echis carinatus pyramidum


188. Eastern Saw-scaled Viper

Echis carinatus sochureki

Sindh khappra

189. Transcaspian Saw-scaled Viper

Echis carinatus multisquamatus

Waziristan khappra

190. Astola Saw-scaled Viper

Echis carinatus astolae

Astola khappra

191. Leaf-nosed Viper

Eristicophis macmahonii

Titli-naak afi

192. Persian Horned Viper

Pseudocerastes persicus persicus

Seengh wala afi

193. Levantine Viper

Macrovipera labetina obtusa

Roomi afi

194. Russell's Viper

Daboia russelii russelii

Koriwala saamp

195. Himalayan Pit Viper

Gloydius himalayanus

Hafrai afi

Note: These species were reported from the areas now included in Pakistan by pre-partition authors. But they have not been recorded in recent collections. So they are extra-limital. 

196. Turkestan Rock Gecko Cyrtodactylus fedtschenkoi (not in Pakistan)
197. Karakoram Rock Gecko Cyrtodactylus stoliczkai (not in Pakistan)
198. Common Indian Bronze-back Snake Dendrelaphis tristis (not in Pakistan)
199. Slender Blind Snake Typhlops porrectus (not in Pakistan)



  • Muhammad Sharif Khan (Herpetological Labs Rabwah, Pakistan)

  • Pakistan Museum of Natural History

  • Nausherwan Ahmed

©1997-2003 Wildlife of Pakistan-All Rights Reserved.