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Reptiles of Pakistan

Over 195 species of reptiles are known in Pakistan. Of these, 13 species are believed to be endemic. As with other groups, these are a blend of Palaearctic, Indo-Malayan and Ethiopian forms.

The mugger (marsh crocodile) is in danger partially due to over hunting. The species is now nearly extinct and only occur in small numbers in Sindh and a few areas in Balochistan (Groombridge, 1988). The gharial is in a precarious situation, or maybe already extinct and has only been seen in small numbers between the Sukkur and Guddu barrages. In addition monitor species are heavily hunted for their skins.

Of the 72 snake species found in Pakistan, only 14 marine and 12 terrestrial snake species are poisonous; most well known are the Indian cobra, common krait, saw-scaled viper and Russel's viper.

On genus, the monospecific Teratolepsis, is endemic, while another, Eristicophis, is near endemic.The Chagai Desert is of particular interest for reptiles, with six species ( including five lizards and onesnake ) are
endemic to Pakistan and a further six species found only here and in bordering parts of Iran. Important populations of marine turtles nest on Pakistan's southern beaches. Green and olive turtle, mugger, gharial, central Asian monitor, Indian python, central Asian cobra are among the internationally threatened species of reptiles in Pakistan (IUCN 1990).

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